Malaysia is the World’s Second Largest Producer and Exporter of Palm Oil. Currently accounts for 35% of World Palm Oil Production.


Farmimex one of The Largest Exporters and Suppliers of RBD – Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Palm Oil from Malaysia.


10 LITERS (2,490 UNITS / 20’ FEET FCL)
18 LITERS (1,318 UNITS / 20’ FEET FCL)
20 LITERS (1,318 UNITS / 20’ FEET FCL)
25 LITERS (1,068 UNITS / 20’ FEET FCL)


Our Quality RBD Palm Olein is most suitable for Cooking, Frying and Salad Dressing. RBD Palm Olein is 100% Vegetable Cooking Oil.

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Malaysia is the World’s Second Largest Producer and Exporter of Palm Oil.

Palm oil production is vital for the economy of Malaysia, which is the world’s second-largest producer of the commodity after Indonesia. Malaysia has an important role to play in fulfilling the growing global need for oils and fats sustainably.

Production and Exports of Malaysia Palm Oil

Malaysia currently accounts for 35% of World Palm Oil Production and 40% of World Exports. If taken into account of other oils & fats produced in the country, Malaysia accounts for 15% and 30% of the World’s total Production and Exports of oils and fats.

Malaysia Palm Oil Production in 2018


(21 Million - Metric Tons)

Malaysia Palm Oil Exports in 2018


(17.9 Million - Metric Tons)

Welcome to Farmimex!

Exporter and Supplier of Palm Oil from Malaysia

FARMIMEX is an established Commodity Trading Company, which continues to distinguish itself through Exports of Premium Quality Palm Vegetable Cooking Oil from Malaysia. We are Suppliers of a Wide Range of RBD Palm Olein Grades include CP6, CP8 and CP10. These Grades of RBD Palm Olein are most Purest and most Traded in Malaysian Palm Oil Industry. Our Palm Oil Products catered to the satisfaction of consumers in over 60 destinations around the Globe especially in African Countries.

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RBD Palm Oil from Malaysia

Naturally Stable – Naturally

Farmimex have long association with Vegetables Cooking Oils especially Palm Oil Products for its customers as a One Stop Supplier for Premium Grades of Palm Oil. Our RBD Palm Olein Grades for Exports are CP6, CP8 and CP10 which are Double Fractionated Palm Olein Grades. Our Palm Olein Oil Grades of Malaysia are available in Consumer and Industrial packaging, which manufactured and designed as per International Quality and Standards.

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Malaysia Palm Oil Production

Palm Oil Production in Malaysia

40% of all Palm Oil Plantations in Malaysia are owned or farmed by Small Farmers, who have benefited from Oil Palm Cultivation. Palm Oil has been a major factor in Malaysia reducing poverty from 50% in the 1960s, down to less than 5% today.

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Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Palm Oil considered as a healthier alternative to trans fats with its Perfect balance of Saturated and Unsaturated fats and while maintaining reasonable shelf-life. Its effects on blood cholesterol levels are similar to olive oil.

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Malaysia Palm Oil Nutrition Calories

Nutrition and Calories in Palm Oil

Malaysian sustainable Palm Oil has the right level of nutrients. All of Palm Oil’s Calories come from fat. Its fatty acid breakdown is 50% saturated fatty acids, 40% monounsaturated fatty acids and 10% polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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